I always thought that blogging was just another form of writing in a journal or diary. For some, like here, this is so.

For others, though, it becomes a community effort, whereby one person writes about experiences that others can empathize with. In this instance, as found here, people gather around the not so private life of the blogger to learn and to share.

In other instances, it becomes a way to pass information (note the use of the word information, not journalistic, expository news). And in this way, as seen here, it can also become a source of income, a way of life, and a career (second note for the paragraph: this blog also makes enough money to support a household. I know, it's not fair she's so talented).

The newest blogging style I've come across is found here and here - the blogging style of taking a huge life step and turning it into a global adventure.

I don't quite think I would have the audacity nor the bravery to attempt the public-adventure style blogging, but kudos to the man with the house, and maybe in the future, the man with the wife.

For me, I'll continue writing about thoughts, about inspiration, about finding me. I probably won't make money off of my blog and I probably will never have hundreds of thousands of readers, but I will have a place that is mine. In a newly married world, with oodles of family and obligations, I need that space.

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