I wonder what you would say if someone asked, "What was the biggest mistake you have ever made?"

I wonder if you would actually admit it. I'm positive you would think about it, but would you let it come out? Would you let it be acknowledged?

I made a whopper of a mistake at work and I had to admit it. Was forced to (when it comes to food labels, one must say, that was me). And now I'm in the midst of damage control - a situation that I am not enjoying because all I feel is shame.

I was told by someone much more experienced that these things happen and they suck, but they are not THE END OF THE WORLD. And it's funny. Because I could have been fired for this mistake. And I could have been seriously reprimanded for this mistake. And I was blamed outright for this mistake by management.

But she's right. The world didn't end.

It just felt like it was ending.

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