Inventing Julia

My life is just beginning, and I can feel it spreading out of my mind and my fingers and my feet. I can feel life overpowering me as I compose final essays and exams, write wedding invitations, and look for an apartment.

Can you feel your life, breathing inside of you, waiting to escape? Is this a normal feeling?

Is it normal to want to scream at everyone and everything that isn't your new life, that represents your old life? Is it normal to demand that everyone understand that this new life, this rebirth, this invention is the most important thing that has ever happened to you? Is it normal to want to shed off your old life, your old world, your old thoughts, your old dreams?

Is it normal to want to burn your past life to make way for the life that is full and new and green and brilliant and blinding and burning and evolving and now?

Welcome to your life.

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