Pinterest - WIN!

Pinterest makes me want to be a better mom, crafter, cook, friend, and writer.

Pinterest makes me REALLY tired.

Such high expectations, Pinterest. SO HIGH.

But I found something that I thought I could handle and try without too much fuss.

Via Super Mom Moments
Did you know you can pop corn in a microwave with just kernels and a paper bag??? Neither did I. Pinterest said we could, though. I had kernels. I had a willing husband to buy me paper bags while I stayed in my pyjamas all day. And voila! A Pinterest test was born!

According to the awesome blog of super moms, Super Mom Moments, you just take a regular paper lunch bag, 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels and make some magic in your microwave for 2 minutes. Just put the kernels in the bag, fold over the top twice, place the bag in your microwave folded side down, and nuke it for 2 minutes (I set it for 3 just in case).

I of course made sure Ben (the willing husband) stood next to me in case it caught on fire.

And I of course didn't believe it could work until it was over.


A bowl of popcorn, comparable to a bag of microwave popcorn in volume, made without butter, salt, chemicals, and other yellow goo that you find in microwave popcorn. Crazy HEALTHY popcorn in minutes (it did take more than 2 minutes...no more than 3, though...I listened to the popping just like the regular microwave popcorn packaging tells you too and stopped it when the popping slowed to 1 pop per more than a second)!

Now to turn this popcorn into caramel corn. But HEALTHIER caramel corn, so it's okay. ;)

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