Drinking girls

Last night a young mother died after being hit by a drunk driver, while walking on the sidewalk. Her toddler son is now in critical condition, fighting for his life in a children's hospital, as he was with her at the time. They were walking home at 8 p.m. after flying a kite.

And all the while girls like Nicole Richie are fighting their drunk driving charges because although she was driving on the highway, in the WRONG DIRECTION, she should be above the law. And although Paris Hilton has driven drunk more than once, she should NEVER have been in jail because she is an heiress.

And of course, I'm sure the family of the dead mother and the very hurt little boy will tell the man who killed and maimed that he is also above the law.

Because what harm can it do to drive drunk?

May that family find the peace and comfort and support they need. And may rich, stupid celebrities who drive drunk stop being so stupid.

I mean, what's worth more? Their freedom or the lives of that mother and son and their loved ones?

That shouldn't be a hard question. In fact, it shouldn't be a question at all.

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